The brainchild of Rohit Jaiswal, Co-founder & CEO and Kushal Likhi, Co-founder & CTO, The Couch is a personalized fashion magazine. This Artificial Intelligence driven fashion discovery platform is also a fashion store where people find interesting fashion products based on their profile, which they are more likely to buy.

The magazine brings ‘bite-sized’ interesting articles about Fashion, Beauty, Health, Relationships and much more based on user's reading habits.

A one-stop solution to all the legal requirements, Expertily co-founded by Himanshu Singhal, Director of Operations, and Pratyush Singh, Director of Marketing, streamlines the legal ecosystem in India. It provides clients & lawyers a platform to meet & coordinate.

Individuals, firms & businesses can find verified & qualified lawyers through Expertily. It lets lawyers publish journals & find judgments, while clients can review lawyers.

Studyapt, founded by Sandeep Kumar Goyal, is an online school search engine connecting schools and parents in a unique manner. Initiated in 2015, Studyapt makes school related information accessible to parents and students.

Schools can create dedicated web pages highlighting school's information. These web pages are exercised & monitored by schools like an instant website that parents and students can access.

GloBox Co-founders Himanshu Pathak and Jyoti Rani believe that beauty is personal and not all beauty products suit everyone.

Their team of beauty enthusiasts brings the best from the world of beauty to their customers. That’s why they search the market to find that perfect product and bring it to buyer’s doorstep.

Founded in August 2013 by Founder & Director Ankur Sethi, Corporate Shiksha™ is the Learning Network for Young India. It is an innovative learning firm focused on building capability of aspiring professionals.

Corporate Shiksha learning framework provides a personalized and accelerated environment for developing key competencies required to succeed at the workplace.

Karmbhoomi Co-founder & CEO, Kanupriya believes that with the global information, resources and the opportunities opening up, Indian youth is looking for inspiration for a global and social vision.

Karmabhoomi is a television-based youth movement for the global change. It is a systematic & holistic, countrywide campaign to create world class young leaders in all fields by the year 2020.

An e-commerce extraordinaire, Zero Kaata is the creation of partners Shelly Aneja, Madhu Gambhir and Aastik Dhinghra. Zero Kaata is involved in all stages of jewelry manufacturing right from sourcing each rough stone to cutting, polishing and finally setting it to create a masterpiece.

Through, Take Me Home E-solutions Inc. and other alliances the company is engaged in exclusive merchandise selection, manufacturing and their retailing activities worldwide.


EaseYourBiz is first ever Emotional Wellness App to improve employee productivity by making them feel valued and appreciated . It's a gamified platform to enhance employee engagement & collaboration quotient. EaseYourBiz lets you create an organisation that is admired by employees & customers thereby :

  1. Optimize your business results
  2. Build synergy between the teams
  3. Continuous improvement in quality of goods & services
  4. Enhance customer loyalty

Co Founders of Ease Your Biz Suren Saini and Gaurav Gambhir are the mindful crew members behind the idea

Aboard Offices Private Limited, incepted in June 2016, is a network of Hi-Quality Co-Working Spaces designed to provide a creative and collaborative work environment for users to create productively. Atthis platform, the users can search for most suitable offices available according to their needs. Aboard Offices Directors Mr. Manish Gupta and Labhya Gupta believe that people prosper in co-working spaces and this concept is a must in today’s dynamic work scenarios.

Founded by Charushilla, University Connection believes that career decisions are life decisions and the dilemma that a student or young professional goes through can be mind boggling.

Whether it is about selecting the right undergrad degree or master’s program, or making an evaluated career move, University Connection guides parents and students at every step and provides them the right information, every time. The process at University Connection is knowledge-driven and highly personalized keeping individual dreams & aspirations in focus.

Founded in November 2015, ServX is a multi-brand, multi-vehicle platform that provides a one-stop solution for car services and repairs across NCR. It covers every vehicle-related service including emergency pick-ups, doorstep repairs, regular maintenance, servicing, and insurance. Co-founded by Akansh and Anubhav, ServX is one of the five Indian start-ups to get selected in Y- Combinator’s winter 2017 batch.

CribLife is an exclusive luxury lifestyle management service rooted in India that helps its members focus on the important things in life; whilst they get on and organize a whole range of services seamlessly in the background, always ensuring that they unlock unparalleled access to only the very best. CribLife offers exclusive savings delivered with the highest level of personal attention and service quality. It’s an invite only membership platform offering personalized services including travel, wealth management, personal shopping, property management and many other such avenues.

Propelld goes beyond traditional CIBIL scores to value a student based not on just his current creditworthiness but signals that show his potential. They see a lot of factors to this effect and reward a student's performance by identifying high-quality borrowers for them in spite of limited credit score or work history.

Nurtr makes use of science and people to help students identify their interests and strengths, and discover their best career fits. At the heart of nurtr lies a well-researched scientific framework comprising of various skills, interests and abilities; and a deep understanding of which of these are required for performing well in a given profession. Taking unconventional assessments and specialised courses enables students to benchmark their strengths and develop specific skills or knowledge in a specific domain. Interacting with accomplished mentors from various walks of life allows students to get first-hand exposure as per what different career options are like and how to pursue them.

MyGigStar is an artist discovery platform, users of MyGigStar app can choose from multiple artists across multiple genres and book them for their events/parties. Users can choose any kind of artist for their entertainment whether its corporate event, a gig at a private party or a pub, a channel seeking talent or a wedding.

Veda labs is the leading Artificial Intelligence based Organization harnessing Computer Vision, Machine learning, NLP & IOT in the wide space of Analytics for across various Sector bringing the physical world to life through technology. Since its launch in India in 2017, the company has expanded rapidly partnering with some of the biggest and most exciting brands and media owners in the world, including Unilever, Trafigura India Private Limited, Jindal Steels, Designer Consortium, and The Fresh roots, Calsys India, Confetti India Private Limited, Fusion First and Crowd Invest . 

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