About the Program

UDGAM was founded in the year 2015 with an intent to provide support to early stage startups in India. We run the incubation program twice a year at our Gurgaon Hub for a duration of 6 months for each program cycle. We provide a $10K initial seed amount to each startup which is sufficient to meet their expenses during the program.

With the growing number of startups in India there has always been a need for an Incubation Program where entrepreneurs can build their ventures according to the best industry practice, keeping in check the pace of development. Taking this thought forward we intend to impart excellence in business methodologies in order to develop sound startup ventures through our Incubation Program.

Our program not only focusses on funding for the startup but the overall idea is to bring the startup to a stage where it is ready for scalability through mentoring, networking and possible collaborations. As per our past experience, the program also quadruples the funding opportunities for the startups.

What happens at UDGAM

Each startup selected for the program works out of our Gurgaon Hub for a period of six months where they are introduced to the startup eco system through our various network partners. The startups work at the hub and structure their business and product so as to become the best in their target segment.

The best part of the program lies in the various workshops and skill enhancement sessions which we conduct in partnership with industry experts and mentors that helps the cohorts to improve their overall value proposition. Startups work on their business models, develop or improve their product offerings and build market traction through their learnings at the program.

The other important thing we do during the program is make introductions and provide networking opportunities for startups to our angel and other investor partners. So at the early stage of development the startups are aware what the investors are looking for in their startup, which gives them focus to build their venture in a way which would succeed in the market in later stages. This process actually helps them to get acquired or further funded at the end of the program.

The startups in our Alumni batches believe that the amount of work that gets done in our program is equivalent to more than year of effort which they had put otherwise. This gives our startups a leverage of building and scaling at a faster rate when compared to their competitors.

Our Proposition

Once the startup is selected for the program we make sure that they get the best facilities as well as top services for their business. Considering this fact this is what we offer –

  • Seed Funding to each startup selected amounting to $10k.
  • State of the art coworking space at UDGAM hub in Gurgaon for 6 months (For founders only)
  • Subsidized rates for essential services through our service partner tie-ups
  • Free AWS credits amounting to more than $1000 for each startup
  • Free SMS credits for each startups through Msg91.
  • Access to UDGAM portal for mentoring opportunities with global leaders

These are all the visible benefits that a startups receives through our program. Some of the intangible benefits also include -

  • Visibility of startups in the media through enrolment in the program
  • Networks and collaborations through UDGAM mentor and investor partners
  • Coworking and collaboration opportunity with like-minded peers at the hub
  • Finding initial customers for their business in form their peers or Alumni batches

UDGAM is always there for its cohorts whether it is negotiating better deals with service providers or connecting them with leading startup events happening across the region. We make things possible for our startups so that they can dedicate their precious time in building something worthwhile.

UDGAM will not charge any fees from the selected startup but we take 7% equity in each incubated startup for the above benefits and facilities provided

Program Highlight

Assured seed funding along with six month incubation!

The program cycle is divided into 6 structured modules with multiple workshops and skill enhancement sessions. The structure is designed to help startups in all stages from idea initiation to building market traction.

The program starts with the module on Developing Successful Business Idea. Though majority startups joining the program would have already built their MVP, it is still very important to make them understand the ideal process of developing a business from research in their idea to planning so as to develop a successful venture.

Product Development & Testing is the second module and a very important one a majority of startups get stuck at this stage due to lack of clarity. This module is designed to help startups in developing an ideal product or service with high level of acceptability towards their target audience.

Developing GTM strategy is important before actually launching the product or service. Through the workshops startups will become adept at formulating result driven strategies keeping their budgets in check.

Launch –Preparing startups to launch their proposition is essential to the success of their venture. Startups define their goals and objectives from launch and gather important feedback for further analysis thereafter.

In order to build momentum and give traction, startups Create Awareness and PR for their venture. This module helps them to network with the right set of people to help startups get the word out.

Pitch/Demo Day is the next step in the evolution of a startup. Through this module startups get prepared to engage with investors & secure investments for their ventures so that they can scale to a larger market.

UDGAM becomes the support system for startups enrolled in the program. We ensure that the startup cohort is provided the best the startup eco system has to offer. Our program is based on the philosophy that opportunity comes to those who work dedicatedly and passionately keeping their vision intact through the journey.


The program would be conducted at our UDGAM startup hub which has a floor area of 12000 sq ft located at M3M Cosmopolitan commercial centre, Sector- 66, Gurgaon. The complex has a unique architectural plan which includes heat resistant glass, terrace restaurants, rich landscapes, well-lit LED complex with micro climate control through shading devices and misting facilities in the walkways to provide a comfortable sit-out experience.

The facilities at the Hub include Research Lab, theatre styled lecture halls with sitting capacity of 50 people, high speed wi-fi internet, event space for 100-120 attendees, cafeteria/break Out Area, Lockers, 2-3 Meeting rooms, Separate Internal Staff Area for permanent support staff with 6-8 workstations, Entrance Lobby and Reception area for visitors, Workspaces with 60-70 workstations.

What Do We Look For

We believe that having a brilliant and unique idea is 1% and executing the idea is 99%. Our goal is to work with those kind of startups or individuals who have an idea along with the capability of turning that idea into something important. For us the team is more important than the idea. We look forward to working with teams who have the capability to self-execute their projects initially and have a long term vision for their startups.

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