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The year 2015 marked the inception of Delhi business incubator, accelerator and seed fund investor, UDGAM, an initiative for entrepreneurs all over India providing them the resources to move forward and establish their business. An endeavour to visibly contribute to the economy and encourage the startup culture nationwide, UDGAM’s programs nurtures, succours and sustains promising startups.

We incubate and accelerate the start-ups and help them attain success by empowering them with immense exposure through our expertise. We offer a customized incubation program according to the needs of the particular start-up. 

Having successfully incubated 16 ventures spread across varied verticals covering automotive technology, education technology, human technology, television series focusing on the youth and real estate technology; we intend to nurture innovative ideas by providing new age entrepreneurs with financial support, technical assistance and mentorship. We offer legal and accounting solutions and assistance related to office space management and mentoring support. With a provision of complete assistance right from nurturing your idea and capital funding to evolving your product effectively in the market, we take care of your networking needs and infrastructural requirements.

Our professional team analyses the substantiality aspect of your project and educates you about the growth prospects of your venture.



Manish Gupta

Founder and chief Mentor

Manish is a solutions-driven business leader who possesses varied and rich amount of experience in the education sector, and has been using his expertise and background to help mentor start-ups and provide support in setting up new ventures.

He is a fervent supporter of the start-up revolution, along with a deep interest in management education, the IT industry and real estate. Manish is a serial entrepreneur himself, and is a veteran in building businesses from scratch. He is an active early stage investor and has invested in several innovative companies


Divya Gupta


Divya is an adventure seeker and an ideator. She choreographs the functioning of Udgam and is actively involved in the entrepreneur ecosystem.

With her inspiring personality and commendable leadership traits, she wants to contribute in the creation of the next BIG thing. She keeps an eye out for all the new start-ups, and is keenly indulging in businesses and their workings. Her fascination towards innovative ideas never ceases to amaze.

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